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About Mr. Rob's

Mr. Capps is a 3rd generation Dry Cleaner & Laundry expert, who was a member of the IFI (International Fabricare Institute) for over 40 years. He worked with his father in the industry for a large portion of his time. He has owned several plants in various states including Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee and Missouri. He managed several locations throughout the US. In Cohasset, MA he was the general manager for Dwyens Dry Cleaners with six locations. He worked for Dwyens when the owner was the President of the IFI. In addition, he manged 8 locations for 60 Minute Cleaners located in Melbourne Florida.

Mr. Capps is considered an expert in cleaning and spotting (spot cleaning), along the separation of clothes before the cleaning process. He has knowledge in cleaning genuine leathers and wedding dresses.

While he has been in the industry he has cleaned clothing for US Presidents, US Senators, Governors and countless celebrities. He has experience in Fire Restoration in the Massachusetts area on very expensive furs. The most expensive dress Mr. Capps has cleaned was when he was in Florida in the Vero Beach area. The garment belonged to Mrs. Kennedy, and had a value of $39,000, it was lined with Swarovski Crystals, with over 4,000 crystals. The list of his accomplishments are to many to list.

One of the largest dry cleaning equipment companies has said on several occasions. In fact Mr. Jimmy Goudet, VP of Steiner-Atlantic Corp. has made the following two statments.

"Mr. Capps has one of the best operations out there in the industry."

-- Mr. Jimmy Goudet, VP of Steiner-Atlantic Corp.

"Mr. Capps is one of the few who could build a plant from the ground up."

-- Mr. Jimmy Goudet, VP of Steiner-Atlantic Corp.

He used his knowledge and experience to design and build the plant for Valet Cleaners on Waldron Rd, in Fort Smith. From 1999 to 2012, he leased 2 Comet Cleaners and in October of 2018 he bought Mr. Rob's Dry Cleaners, and then in October of 2019, he purchased Perfecto Cleaners at Fianna Hills.

Mr. Capps prides himself on being the very best Dry Cleaner not just in the Fort Smith Area, but on being the best anywhere you go. Very few dry cleaning operators can do what he can do. Mr.Rob's and Prefecto Cleaners is under Mr. Capps supervision and is continually upgrading his equipment to be a better job for his customers. We recently installed 2 Drynigue by Columbia custom built dryers. These new dryers were designed and built specifically for Mr. Rob's. With the design of the triple filtration system, it has the ability to reduce waste by 90% or more, resulting in cleaner solvents and making them the safest environmentally on the market. The solvents used are a special blend of sizing and antibacterial chemicals.

Are you tired of your clothes smelling funny? Come and visit us at one of our 4 locations for the best and friendliest Dry Cleaner guaranteed. Our faimly has been using our special blend of chemicals for over 75 years.