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If you have a question you don't see listed here, we are just a phone call away. We will be glad to help answer your questions. We appreciate your business and for trusting us with your garments.

The short answer is no, it will not kill the virus, at least not by it's self. Typically, this process is done with temperatures between 139 – 142 degrees. To kill the virus they temperatures need be be between 190 – 200 degrees. However, with our filtration system which uses 500% more Carbon Core filters it can control the biggest portion of the virus, along with our blend of distilled solvents, then pressing the garment. This combination of things will kill the bacteria in the garment. We are the only dry cleaner in the 3 state region with custom built dryers, offering an unique ability to kill the virus, and reducing chemical usage in the process.

Yes, we do follow the manufacturers care instructions on the garment.

It is recommended that you obtain some extra buttons when you are buying more expensive garments. They may get damaged or come undone from usage. It would be an excellent idea to have extras.

It is possible that the some colors could bleed when being cleaned. Using Black of White as an example, there is probably a 50/50 chance a garment may bleed. Another example would be Red on white as well. There are other colors that may bleed as well. If you are have a concern about the garment bleeding, please just ask, we will be glad to help you.

Most garments that should be Dry Cleaned, will tell you on the garments care instructions. While sometimes it may be best to dry clean, even when the label simply tells you to wash. In an example, sweaters would be a great example of a garment that looks better dry cleaned.

If your garment should be dry cleaned, but you prefer to simply clean, then you can sign a release form. Once signed, we will simply wash, instead of Dry Clean. For more information, contact one of our locations with your questions.

Yes, we can clean these garments. When cleaning a garment with sequins, beads, or has been bedazzled then they may come off. The adhesive and/or methods on how they were applied will be the weakest part of the garment. They may come off on the cleaning process. We do have an VIP cleaning service available, contact your nearest location for more information about this service.

Yes, we clean comforters. Just be careful, they should only be cleaned as necessary. The padding inside is not typically sown into the comforter. The padding inside has an often time tend to shift from one side to the other. These should only be cleaned when absolutely necessary.